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Why East Coast Funds?

  • Seeks to protect capital from rising interest rates
  • Enhanced exposure to Canadian investment grade corporate credit spreads
  • Portfolio diversifier: Negative historical correlation to traditional fixed income strategies

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East Coast Investment Grade II Fund
East Coast Investment Grade Income Fund
Exemplar Investment Grade Fund
Exemplar Tactical Corporate Bond Fund

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What Happens to my Bond Investments When Interest Rates Change?

Fixed income investments have an inverse relationship to changes in interest rates. When rates rise, bond prices fall and when rates decrease, bond prices increase.

Use the slider bar below to calculate the impact of changing interest rates on your bonds: 0 bps


Canada 5 Year
Coupon: 0.50%
Yield: 0.941%
New yield: -
Price: 97.959
New price: -
Maturity: Mar 1, 2022
Return: -

Canada 10 Year
Coupon: 1.00%
Yield: 1.416%
New yield: -
Price: 96.137
New price: -
Maturity: Jun 1, 2027
Return: -

Canada 30 Year
Coupon: 2.75%
Yield: 2.052%
New yield: -
Price: 116.124
New price: -
Maturity: Dec 1, 2048
Return: -

CAD Corporates
Duration: 6.36
Return: -

Custom Bond Fund
Return: -

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As of May 31, 2017

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect the performance of any specific fund managed by Arrow Capital Management Inc. The examples are hypothetical. They are provided only for educational purposes and do not constitute investment advice. Returns projected by the calculator are based on information you enter/select and estimates of the corresponding price changes of each security.