Investment Philosophy

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One of the largest and most trusted alternative investment firms in Canada, Arrow was built on the foundation of shared values and mutual success.

We believe capital preservation is paramount.

We achieve this through our active and disciplined approach to investment and risk management, and by avoiding highly-levered, complex or illiquid strategies.

We seek out portfolio management talent of the highest caliber.

Our portfolio managers and sub-advisors are carefully selected to reflect best-in-class talent. They are all committed to and aligned with our investment philosophy and values.

Transparency is a core component of our culture.

All of our managers commit to a transparent process and proactively monitor all activity to ensure that they stay within the stated risk parameters.

We diligently ensure that risks are well managed.

Ongoing qualitative and quantitative analyses assures that we understand the critical factors and capitalize on the information that truly impacts performance.

Our principals invest substantially alongside our clients.

With our team’s own wealth primarily invested in Arrow funds, you are further assured that our interests are aligned with yours.