Investment Solutions

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Building better portfolios through true active management.

All of our trustworthy, high quality investment solutions are aligned with investor interests – so you can better build and preserve long-term wealth.

Liquid Alternatives

Offering the benefits of an alternative investment strategy aimed to provide diversification and downside protection, along with the added advantage of daily liquidity.

Arrow Global Advantage Alternative Class
Arrow Global Opportunities Alternative Class
Arrow Canadian Advantage Alternative Class 
WaveFront Global Diversified Investment Class
Arrow EC Income Advantage Alternative Fund 


Mutual Funds

Actively managed mutual funds offer investors access to a range of solutions from multi-asset to fixed income for a well diversified portfolio while managing risk.

Exemplar Growth & Income
Exemplar Global Growth & Income
Exemplar Performance


Alternative Strategies (Exempt Market)

Long used by institutional investors, these non-traditional strategies can enhance portfolio diversification while providing differentiated performance and reduced portfolio risk.

Arrow Global Advantage
Arrow Performance
East Coast Investment Grade II


Exchange Traded Funds

ETF offerings make it easier for investors to access our products and provides intra-day liquidity.

Exemplar Growth and Income ETF​
Arrow EC Income Advantage Alternative ETF


Limited Partnerships

Publicly-traded limited partnership offer sophisticated investors access to unique investment opportunities with tax benefits and performance consistency.

NR Conservative Growth LP