Time to look Again at Trend Following Strategies?

Location Date: 
August 19, 2014

I came across an interesting article authored by the folks at Altegris Advisors in the US – the full piece is available here.  In it, they argue the case for investing in macro trading and trend following strategies now.  While it seems like a distant memory, those investors who had exposure to these strategies will remember how valuable they were for clients in 2008.  They provided very attractive, uncorrelated returns when virtually all other investments went south.  For those with even better memories, these strategies delivered solid returns in prior decades as well.   Unfortunately, since 2009 there has been little in the way of performance and many retail investors have been ‘shaken out’.  They present a number of reasons for this state of affairs (largely central bank policies) and a number of interesting factors that auger well for a timely reversal of fortune.  We have added 5% exposure to this strategy via the Exemplar Diversified Fund, sub advised by IMFC (click here for details), to our fund of funds and recommend similar levels for private client accounts.

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Best wishes and we hope you are enjoying the summer.