Long Weekend Reading : Arrow Q2 Commentary

Location Date: 
June 30, 2014

With the long weekend upon us, I thought this would be great opportunity to share some weekend reading with you. Please find the link to download our Arrow insights quarterly letter for the back half of 2014. Within this report, we highlight the major macro issues of this year's second quarter and how we have positioned ourselves in this environment. These issues include: the maintenance of zero bound policies, continuing global imbalances, increases in U.S. core inflation, the pickup in equity returns, overvaluations of technology and industrials, the start of the European recovery, Japan's economy post the consumption tax increase, and inexpensive valuations/opportunities in emerging markets. We also share our views on how stocks may fare in a rising rate environment, how we have positioned ourselves in this commodity cycle, where we see fund flows heading and which currencies we feel most strongly about. As always, the letter concludes with a quarterly recap on the solutions available on the Arrow platform.