Top 10 New Year’s Predictions

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January 3, 2014

A fresh new year is upon us and it's time for my annual Top 10 forecast of what is to come in 2014. For those of you who are new to my blog posts, every year I compile a list containing humorous events and occurrences I feel will unfold in the coming 12 months. Last year, I was right on 50% of my calls which included: UK Growth Surprise, APPL and RIM woes, Pepsi beating Coca-Cola, the Obama Care disaster, and the fiscal cliff. However, I was wrong on Trudeau, Istanbul getting the Olympics, poor Canadian housing, and SAC. For a complete review of last year's list Click Here.

Here we go for 2014:

  1. AC Capital’s Stevie Cohen decides to change its name to SEC Capital in a bid to clean up its image only to find out it does not help in 2014 as security scandals return hit the markets.


  2. The Winklevosses are successful in promoting and creating the first Bitcoin ETF ; the Ford brothers, good friends, get the distribution rights for Toronto’s City Hall.


  7. Inflation in the U.S returns with a vengeance; Chinese owners of UST’s are successful in stopping the shrinking FED Chair position by promoting Yao Ming as new head; Volcker approves

  8. Dennis Rodman is appointed the new U.S. Secretary of State replacing John Kerry for his efforts in promoting “Good defense always wins championships” in North Korea; Obama approval rating slips below George W. Bush record low.


  9. Ron Burgundy signs on with Tim Cook and the Apple board and is successful in thwarting Carl Icahn’s leverage lunacy – “You stayed classy Apple”!

  10. Ursine extinction proves to be false as markets swoon; FED learns a lesson in not playing with matches as tapering is tapered out.


  11. Sochi Olympics end in scandal with Russian men’s hockey team winning gold over Team Canada as Putin uses Snowden to hack into Canadian playbook; Harper orders an ice breaker into Arctic.


  12. The guy who told everyone “You could have just bought the SPY and went golfing the whole of 2013” gets hit by a bus on April Fool’s Day.


  13. Disco and gold make a 70’s comeback next year – Jay Z buys Fort Knox as birthday gift for Foxxy (aka Beyonce).


  14. Miley Cyrus and “twerking ‘quietly disappears into obscurity...ok that one is more a wish than anything else; any father with a teenage daughter understands.




Jim McGovern