It's Official!

Location Date: 
December 9, 2013

The Exemplar funds have officially joined the Arrow family!

Earlier this week, we announced the exciting news that with regulatory approval, we have closed the Blumont acquisition.

We are very pleased to welcome these talented and experienced members to our team, including 4 portfolio managers - Veronika Hirsch, Alex Ruus, Michael Underhill and Roland Austrup - and a number of unique funds and strategies.


Funds include:

Exemplar Canadian Focus Fund - Veronika Hirsch
Exemplar Leaders Fund - Alex Ruus
Exemplar Yield Fund - Alex Ruus
Exemplar Global Infrastructure Fund - Michael Underhill
Exemplar Timber Fund - Michael Underhill
Exemplar Global Agriculture Fund - Michael Underhill
Exemplar Diversified Fund - Roland Austrup

To learn more about these offerings please visit

Have a great weekend,

Jim McGovern