John Wood - RIP

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January 30, 2013

The Canadian investment fund industry lost one of its most successful pioneers with the passing of John Wood.  John was the inspirational leader and CEO of the highly successful 20/20 group of funds. 20/20 Group Financial was a subsidiary of Connor, Clark & Lunn that was started in 1986 – the same year I helped start BPI Financial.  He grew the firm from $0 in AUM to over $4billion before eventually selling it to AGF in 1995.  After establishing and selling another startup-firm, John went on to become CEO of Financial Concepts Group.  He grew that investment planning firm from$3.9 to $6.8 billion in just three years before it was sold to Assante Financial, now a division of CI Financial. 

John is well known for winning the silver medal in canoeing at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal.  His drive and determination clearly set him apart from an early age and was evident his entire life.

John had an incredibly loyal group of executives and staff and was a born leader. Like all good leaders, he translated that success into foundation and charity work later in his life.  All of he folks I know remember him as a wonderful person with a great temperament and as a wonderful role model.

John will be missed!

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Jim McGovern