Top 10 Surprise List of 2013

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January 4, 2013

Last year at this time I posted my less than serious Top 10 Surprise List for 2012 (Click here to review). As I went 1 for 10, I thought perhaps the statistical sample was not large enough to truly assess my skill as a forecaster. I must say that my prediction of no election in Japan or Italy was a close one, and my guess that at least one banker would go to jail for almost bringing down the world was highly probable but just my bad luck! Of course,  I went against the Mayans, but my corollaries of a better holiday shopping and performance fees for hedge fund managers were way off.

So here goes another round of my not so serious forecasts.

  1. Celebrated banker Mark Carney begins circulating Bank of England policy statements in 3D, 48 frame/second format. With the much needed clarity, the UKeconomy surges.

  2. Apple stumbles again after releasing the much hyped iCar – Tim Cook promises to re-install Google Maps after serious traffic mishaps.


  3. In their last attempt to regain popularity in the super-phone game, RIM invests what they have left into an endorsement deal for their latest platform (Blackberry 10) with Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner free-falling from a new outrageous record-breaking distance. Unfortunately, a mechanical malfunction occurs and the whole operation ends in disaster, as RIM’s stock also flames out!


  4. Marijuana legalization goes mainstream as another 10 states and Canada join. Pepsico outperforms Coke as Frito Lay sales explode.


  5. Lemmings refuse to go over the cliff in a show of solidarity with their rodent brethren in the U.S. Congress.

  6. Obamacare hits roadblock as people realize someone has to pay for it. The President switches tack and offers Shaun T’s “Insanity” program for free in an effort to battle the real American healthcare issue – obesity


  7. Justin Trudeau, in a fit of rage after not being selected as the leader of the Liberal Party, quits politics to become an oil and gas analyst in Calgary.


  8. After hiring Mitt Romney, Istanbul defies odds makers and wins the right to host the next summer Olympics over Tokyo and Madrid. Cliff jumping introduced as demonstration sport – USA wins.


  9. Lance Armstrong takes his performance enhancing skills and joins the Advisory Board of SAC.


  10. The Canadian Housing Market finally shows signs of cooling as debt laden Canadians refuse to use the new ESLOC (Eternal Serfdom Line of Credit) which allows borrowers to pledge their children’s income against increased borrowing. Mark Carney warns against ‘exuberance in the housing market yet again before he leaves. *


*Hat tip to Michael Yhip at Garrison Hill.

 Jim McGovern