A Good Book and a Funny Video for the Long Weekend!

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August 30, 2012

Ian McEwan is without a doubt one of my favourite novelists.  His latest book “Sweet Tooth” was released Tuesday.

(Click book cover for Amazon listing)

If you are not familiar with his work but enjoy wonderfully written psychological thrillers then this is a must read. After reading “Amsterdam” in the late 90’s, I have read all of his works– I especially enjoyed Enduring Love, Atonement (both made into movies that really did not do justice to the written word), and Saturday. 

All good choices for a relaxing upcoming long weekend read.

You gotta love the Irish!

I could not resist, given all the blah blah that will be spewing tomorrow out of Jackson Hole, to forward along one of the funniest You Tube clips I have seen this year (the other was Honey Badger (click here) hat tip to Claire Van Wyk for both!).  It involves Olympic Sailing as only seen from an Irishman’s perspective.  

Enjoy – will post some more serious stuff next week!