You’re Not Special

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June 15, 2012

I promised to pass along various blogs that I really enjoy reading and following. Given that many of my contemporaries are currently watching their children graduate from high school, college etc., I thought I would refer you to a blog called "Farnam Street". This blog reports on all kinds of interesting topics under the auspicious of "mastering the best of what other people have figured out". It is for those seeking wisdom!

Click here to link to a commencement address given by Wellesly High School English Teacher David McCullough - if you are not familiar with it, is has been widely reported upon and is stirring all kinds of debate. I really enjoyed it but some people find it depressing. For those in the latter camp, you can click here to link to Michael Lewis' Princeton Address delivered earlier this month for something equally interesting - the role of luck in our lives - something we will visit shortly in an upcoming blog post. But, if you want something truly uplifting, you can watch an old favourite Saturday Night Live character, "Stuart Smalley", below for your daily affirmation!



Have a great weekend – the Greek elections mean nothing – enjoy the footie and add this blog to your Tweet Deck!

Jim McGovern