Happy Tax Freedom Day

Location Date: 
June 11 2012

Here is a special message and rap style video from The Fraser Institute.

I especially love the lines:  “She told me that my income tax rate isn’t absurd, but what she doesn’t know is income is only a third, of all the taxes we pay”

As Fraser Institute’s President states:


I want to wish you all a happy Tax Freedom Day! Today, average Canadians can finally start working for themselves instead of the government. That is, if Canadian families were required to pay all their taxes up front, they would have to give governments each and every dollar they earned prior to June 11. The average Canadian family (with two or more individuals) now pays a total of $41,600 in taxes!

To mark the occasion, we have produced a new music video:


I hope you enjoy the video and pass it along to your friends.

Happy Tax Freedom Day!!