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May 17, 2012

I am sure that everyone will have a view on the Facebook ("FB") IPO. It has generated a lot of debate and dialogue on all kinds of matters. On CNBC this morning, for example, Steve Liesman said to compare the news headlines in the U.S. (FB going public for $100 BN) versus Europe (Spain, Greece, etc. imploding). Or, California covering off some of its massive state deficit with capital gains taxes generated from IPO; or Goldman Sachs selling out half its stake in FB to its Muppet clientele, etc., etc.


But for me, the best synopsis of the IPO comes from none other than U.S. stand up comic Andy Borowitz - click here for his most recent post on his blog - "A Letter from Mark Zuckerberg" - you just can't make this stuff up!

While Andy's blog post is funny, the infographic below (click on image to expand) courtesy of Canada's "The Globe & Mail" from today's edition, shows that FB is either pretty highly valued or Apple et al are very undervalued.


No wonder Mr. Zuckerberg is so happy!

Jim McGovern