Macro Man

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May 16, 2012

A few readers have asked me for a list of my favourite bloggers. I have posted on a few (eg. The Big PictureZero Hedge, etc.). Another of my favourites is London-based "Macro Man" ( It is run by a group of anonymous traders who post daily thoughts on the markets. Often it is quite technical, but it is interspersed with comic relief - like this last post on "How Banks See Each Other."


And, Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" re-characterized to the Europe crisis ("Friday Questions" - Click here to read full post).


The Ring - the Euro

Sauron - Weidmann

Saruman - Scheuble

Mordor - Germany

Mount Doom - Bundesbank

The Nazgul - Bond Vigilantes

Gollum - Greece

Gandalf - Draghi

Frodo - European Economy

Bilbo Baggins - Trichet

Gimli - Merkle

Pippin - Hollande


Add this to your Tweet Deck - always a good read!

Jim McGovern