A New Dawn for Japan

Location Date: 
May 1, 2012

Peter Tasker
Arcus Investment Management

For those who follow my blog, you know that I enjoy following the sharpest minds in the investment business. One of my favourites is Peter Tasker, who toils for Arcus Investment Management. Peter is based in Tokyo and is one a handful of long/short Japanese equity fund managers that has survived what could only be described as a horrific period for Japanese stocks these past 20-odd years (Arrow was an investor). Peter is a man of many talents. He is an extraordinary writer (he has written several "noir" novels that were part of our due diligence!) and a keen observer of economic, cultural and political affairs, especially as it relates to Asia and in particular, Japan. In his latest blog posting (http://www.petertasker.asia/), he speaks about stereotypes and applies them to nations. He cleverly describes an economic version of national stereotypes as follows:

Economic Heaven = Chinese GDP growth, Japanese currency, British safety net and American Central Bank.

Economic Hell = British GDP growth, American currency, Chinese Social safety net, and Japanese Central Bank.

Peter is very bullish on Japanese stocks (Click here to read his post on "Reflating Japan"). He makes a compelling case that substantive change in policy is now very close. I highly recommend this blog site - especially for followers of Asian securities and markets. 

Jim McGovern