The Opportunity in Japan!

Location Date: 
March 26, 2012

I'm back from a restful time off with the family in Belize for spring break. It's an amazing country (Mayan/Spanish history, rain forests, pine forests and an amazing reef/island system) and incredibly warm, and the friendly people make the effort of getting there well worth it!!

In the back-to-reality front, I wanted to post the most recent letter from Michael Yhip as an example of a thoughtful and well-researched investment/trading idea as it relates to Japan. Michael is the President and CIO of Garrison Hill Capital Management, and he runs a Global Macro strategy from his offices in Toronto. In full disclosure, Arrow is an investor in his strategy and represents his Fund across Canada. Michael's take is that there is a big opportunity in Japanese equities and in a number of trading strategies to exploit what he calls a "once in a life trading opportunity". Please read on...