Happy Valentine’s Day Thoughts

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February 14, 2012

I suppose it should not be a surprise that today, Sports Illustrated decided to pre-release its’ annual swimsuit edition featuring 19- year- old Kate Upton on the cover.  (Her uncle is Fred Upton, the Congressman for the Sixth Congressional District of Michigan.)

(And you thought I would post Kate’s pictures here, right?  This is a family blog!)

Not to be outdone, Toronto is in the throws of “Linsanity,” as the New York Knicks gong show rolls into town.  It is Spaniard José Calderon versus Jeremy Lin – paella versus combo #2 with Amar’e now back for the Knicks.  I’ll take José over the Harvard grad any day!  Raps will put an end to Linsanity. 

And finally, the economists, like Nouriel Roubini will be sending special thoughts to their loved ones along these lines:

Source: http://fosslien.com/heart/, 2012

Happy VaLINtine’s Day

Jim McGovern