Almost Famous

Location Date: 
December 29, 2011

I say almost because this photo from last night’s Raptors game features “Bieber fever” cheering on my beloved Rappies – my son is above him and I am above to the left. So close to the greatness! I kept wondering why all these young gals kept coming up to centre court? As for Justin – he was a pretty quiet guy – he missed a 3 point shot (badly) during a break but any fan of the Raptors is OK with me. I just don’t get what all the fuss is about? My son, who is 11, would easily pound him inside all day in a game of one on one!

As for the Rappies – what a difference a real coach makes. I am already a fan of Dwane Casey. He is a believer that defence wins championships. Last night showed that the Raptors will struggle to win games but nobody will come to Toronto and not know they were in ball game. The team D was awesome – most of the time. Give Casey 3 years and better all round athletes, and watch out. Finally, something to believe in after the miserable Mitchell/Triano coaching fiasco of the past 6+ years.

Go Raptors!

Jim McGovern