FUND MERGER information

Arrow is in the process of simplifying its product line up for a more streamlined platform of high-quality funds. These mergers are expected to create a simpler and more straightforward lineup for both advisors and investors while reducing operating costs, improving diversification and generating savings in brokerage charges. Below is a summary of proposed mergers and dates, subject to receipt of all necessary regulatory and unitholder approvals.

Merging Fund
(Terminating Fund)
To be merged into
(Continuing Fund)
Merger Date
Arrow Performance FundArrow Opportunities Alternative ClassSeptember 29, 2023

Arrow Performance Fund Fees:
A Class Management Fee: 1.00%
F Class Management Fee: 1.00%
Performance Fee: 20% with 5% hurdle rate

Arrow Opportunities Alternative Class Fees:
Series A Management Fee: 1.95%
Series F Management Fee: 0.95%
Performance Fee: 15% with 5% hurdle rate

Arrow Opportunities Alternative Class seeks to achieve superior capital appreciation over both short and long term horizons primarily through the selection and management of long and short positions in Global equity securities and equity derivative securities.

Unitholder Approval Required

The Merger will require the approval by a majority of the votes cast by unitholders of the Terminating Fund at a special meeting of such unitholders, to be held on September 27, 2023 (the “Special Meeting”). The information circular containing a complete description of the matters to be considered at the Special Meeting will be sent to unitholders shortly.

Tax Implications

The Merger will occur on a taxable basis unless the unitholder provides us with a Section 85 rollover election form by December 31, 2023.

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