A story that’s uncommon

Like the many wonders of nature that inspire us by their rarity and distinctive formations, Arrow Capital Management Inc. has always looked further and dug deeper to create an investment process that can deliver consistent returns while minimizing risk over the ups and downs of the market cycle for savvy investment advisors.

Our Value

Uncommon Expertise

From our origins managing alternative investments in the 90’s and strengthened by the acquisition of a strategic mutual fund company, our market position has grown through an established track record rooted in an exceptional investment process for managing alternatives and mutual funds.

Value DERIVED from process

Our approach to portfolio management breaks with tradition by following both top-down and bottom-up models. We use a proprietary process and independent research that allows us to anticipate macro trends and cycles through an unbiased, quantitative lens while also searching for alpha opportunities in individual securities. This allows us to respond and adapt dynamically to changing market conditions.

Responsibility to ADVISORS

The advisors we work with are more than just colleagues. They are our friends, and our relationships are built on mutual respect. Our relationships foster a sense of responsibility that goes beyond our responsive and knowledgeable client service. Our advisors have ongoing access to the portfolio managers straight through to the leaders of the firm so questions, concerns and opportunities are addressed quickly, thoroughly and efficiently.

Funds for optimizing YOUR PORTFOLIO

Our unique group of funds aim to deliver consistent, solid performance throughout the market cycle. This allows advisors the opportunity to access bespoke funds with proven track records that can optimize and address multiple portfolio needs.

Why invest with Arrow

Uncommon investment experience that finds opportunity where others don’t.

We see markets through a different lens, one that’s more process driven and adaptable.

A broad range of funds to solve specific portfolio needs.

Meet the people who are making the investment decisions.

We’re here to answer your questions.

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