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  • Canadian ETFs: The latest launches

    At the end of November, assets under management (AUM) stood at a record level of $145.9-billion, driven by net inflows of $3.3-billion, according to Yves Rebetez, managing director and editor of ETF Insight. The product shelf keeps on expanding and offers more investment choices. As the industry grows, the influx of market players accelerates. Two new providers joined the ETF market, with the number of market players now at 28. […]

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  • Is Now the Time to Switch Strategy?

    Although index hugging funds have performed well in recent years, investors who have profited from such passive strategies should be considering how to reposition portfolios. The current cycle cannot last forever and investors are beginning to look for other options in the marketplace. Although they’ve been slow to catch on in Canada, liquid alternatives represent a strategy that could start to play an increasingly important role. “The biggest point is […]

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  • Tackling Tough Markets

    At the best of times, portfolio management is a balancing act: managers must stick to their mandates while remaining flexible. This is especially important when markets are hard to read—as they are now. Over the summer and into the fall, experts have pointed to the mismatch between market fundamentals and performance. As well, currencies may be overvalued and economic outlooks too bright, especially considering housing risks and rising rates across […]

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  • Bank of Canada’s Policies Make “Zero Sense:” Veronika Hirsch

    Should investors sell in May and go away? Perhaps not if you hold U.S. stocks according to Veronika Hirsch, Portfolio Manager at Arrow Capital Management Inc. To read full article, click here

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